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Creatinine Over 1000: After One Week’s Treatment, Dialysis Is Not Needed Any More

Creatinine Over 1000: After One Week’s Treatment, Dialysis Is Not Needed Any More
Li, male, 37 years old. A lab report showed that his creatinine was up to more than 1000, so doctors urgently arranged dialysis. A week later, his creatinine unexpectedly miraculously returned to normal, and the doctor said: you need not dialysis again. Is his uremia really "cured"?

So how did he do it? Can uremia really be cured?

First, when Li went to see doctors, his urine volume was normal, and there were a lot of floccules in urine.

Do you still produce urine?

What is the color of urine?

If you are on dialysis, you must be asked such questions. Do you know why?

Because the kidney drains toxins from the body in the form of urine, li has a normal amount of urine and a cloudy flocculus in the urine, indicating that the kidney can also produce urine and filter the toxins.

This also indicates that although li's kidney function has been damaged, the residual kidney function can still guarantee the body to conduct normal detoxification. The likelihood of being cured is also higher.

More than once, we have heard of or seen such lucky patients like Li. Actually, if we carefully observe, we will find that the "miraculous" patients like li have a high level of creatinine, but the history is not long, and most of them are acute, and the treatment time is not long either!

Their creatinine levels do not appear to be rising slowly because of impaired kidney function, but more like a sudden surge into the thousands.

This is the key to the "cure" of uremia.

Medicinally speaking, when creatinine level reaches 707, it is namely uremia, but some elements such as infection and too much motion can make creatinine value to increase greatly in a short time.

So, those who are "cured" uremia is not really uremia! Li is no exception.

The so-called "medical miracle" for uremia patients can be said to be non-existent.

Though uremia can not be cured, you should not lose hope.

With dialysis, some patients can insist on 3-5 years, while some can live a dozen of years.

This is the miracle that uremia patients create.

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