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Dangers of High Phosphorus Levels in Dialysis

Dangers of High Phosphorus Levels in Dialysis
Phosphorus is a micromolecule waste product, which is difficult to be removed from the blood by dialysis, so it is likely for dialysis patients to suffer from high phosphorus level. What are the dangers of high phosphorus levels in dialysis?

Symptoms of high phosphorus for dialysis patients

If you have one or several of them, it means your phosphorus level is high.

-Bone pain or joint pain

-Dry skin, skin itching, skin rashes, etc.

-In severe cases, you may even have cramps, acra fester, bloodshot eye, or cardiovascular disease.

Dangers of high phosphorus for dialysis patients

-High phosphorus level can draw calcium from the bone, leading to bone metabolism disorder. The accumulated calcium in the blood can cause blood vessel and soft tissue calcification.

-It can cause secondary hyperparathyroidism.

-Obviously increased death rate.

How to lower high phosphorus level for dialysis patients?

-To adjust your diet so as to reduce phosphorus intake. For example, to restrict meat, egg, animal gut, beans, etc.

-To take adequate dialysis so as to reduce the accumulation of phosphorus in body.

-To use phosphate binders and calcium carbonate to reduce the absorption of phosphorus.

-To try Toxin-Removing Treatment. It can not only lower your phosphorus level, but also help recover a portion of renal function to reduce dialysis or even get rid of dialysis. This treatment takes advantage of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Enema Therapy, Cycle Therapy and so on to increase your urine output, make you sweat and improve bowel movement to remove more waste products including phosphorus out of body. It can also improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into damaged kidneys so that enough essential elements can be transported into damaged kidneys to speed up kidney recovery. After about half month’s treatment, your phosphorus level will go down. After about one month’s treatment, your renal function will start to increase, and then phosphorus can be passed out naturally.

Now you know the dangers of high phosphorus levels in dialysis. If you would like to know more information on its treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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