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Diabetic Nephropathy

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What Should Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Do

What Should Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Do

Question: What should diabetic nephropathy patients do?

Answer: If you are in diabetic nephropathy, you have to prevent eating high salt food which can accelerate disease’s development, meanwhile, control sugar ingestion less than 20g per day. Without low blood sugar, no sugar intake. Medicine is of great importance in treating diabetes. Insulin remains the best medicine till now. Doing injection timely and correctly can prolong your life span and elevate your life quality. There are some so called miracle medicine can cure diabetes. Do not believe in it. I know injection is hard to insist, but, for our family, for our health, do insist, setting a clock to help remind you. Up to now, there is no cure for diabetes, the best treatment method is insulin.

Question: Will melbine (DMBG) damage liver and kidney?

Answer: Kidney lesion in diabetes is caused by long term uncontrolled blood sugar, and there is no relation between the use of melbine. Why the instruction listed liver and kidney function insufficient should pay attention is, this medicine works in liver and reduce blood sugar through reducing liver sugar and eliminate through kidneys. If kidney function is bad, it will affect the melbine eliminate rate and when build up in body will cause damage.

Melbine has no toxins to kidney and liver, will not cause damage as well. On the contrary, it can protect kidneys through reduce blood sugar. We do not mean melbine is perfect, and every one can use it. It is a medicine, after all, only sutable or not, no good or bad. So, follow your professional doctor’s direction.

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