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Recipes for Preventing and Treating Kidney Stone

Recipes for Preventing and Treating Kidney Stone

When kidney stone attacks, the most significant symptom is pain. After operation, kidney stone can be cured, but many patients have relapse after a period of time. This repeated attack troubles many patients, making them feel anxious.

Kidney stone is closely associated with diet, and its treatment can also be started from diet. Here we recommend you to take walnuts. They can decompose and shrink kidney stones.

The main function of walnut is tonifying kidney and fixing essence, warming lung and regulating asthma, treating kidney deficiency and cough, relieving back pain and soft feet, and improving bowel movements. Walnuts contain pyruvate, which prevents mucins from binding to calcium ions so as to prevent stone formation.

Although walnut for kidney stones is a simple and effective method, you have to pay attention to the methods.

Recipe 1: Walnut kernels can be ground into powder. Every morning, put walnut powder into porridge at a ratio of 1:2. The nutrients in walnuts will be absorbed by the body and no living space for kidney stones will be given.

Recipe 2: Walnut kernels 120 grams, fried crispy with edible oil, mix with sugar and grind. Finish taking it in 1-2 days (reduce the amount for children). usually after taking a few days, stones can be discharged out once or more times. Take medicine continuously until the stones are discharged, and symptoms disappear.

Recipe 3: Walnut kernels, almonds and ginseng are used to make pills, which can cure chronic cough due to kidney deficiency.

Modern medicine has also proved that walnuts are rich in a lot of fat, protein and carotene, vitamins and phosphorus, iron, magnesium, etc. The old and young are all appropriate to take it for a long time, which can not only tonify kidney and invigorate brain, but also prevent and cure kidney stones.

But it is worth mentioning that for patients with kidney stones and combined with kidney failure, because walnut is high in potassium and protein, it is not recommended to use this treatment method, otherwise it may aggravate the condition of kidney failure.

Additional, besides walnut, the following 4 kinds of foods are helpful in preventing and curing kidney stone.

1. Black fungus. Eating black fungus can make stone peel off, differentiate, dissolve, and be discharged out of body.

2. Honey. Honey contains all sorts of microelement. Eating honey is helpful for kidney stones.

3. Red beans. It has the functions of invigorating spleen, drying dampness, eliminating swelling and detoxifying. It can be used alone or in combination with endothelium corneum gigeriae galli and lalang grass rhizome to treat various types of stones.

4. Wheat bran. It has the effect of relieving restlessness, stopping diarrhea, and treating stranguria as well as preventing the relapse of kidney stones.

Note: the above information on preventing and treating kidney stone is intended for educational purposes. For specific suggestions on treatment, please consult a physician.

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