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Three Tips Are Better to Reduce Proteinuria

Three Tips Are Better to Reduce Proteinuria

The treatment of proteinuria is one of the problems that kidney patients pay close attention to. Persistent proteinuria can seriously threaten renal function, accelerate the progression of renal fibrosis, and eventually lead to renal failure. Here are three tips, which can reduce proteinuria, even refractory proteinuria.

First of all, let’s see why proteinuria is difficult to be reduced?

-There is inflammation in the body. Kidney disease is an immune disease. Immune inflammation occurs after damage, resulting in poor kidney function and protein leakage. But because kidney function damage is irreversible, toxins are not easy to be discharged out of body, and it takes some time to eliminate inflammation. In such a case, proteinuria is difficult to treat. And to eradicate protein in, timely elimination of inflammation is the key.

-Uncontrollable diet. Patients with proteinuria should follow the principles of low protein and low salt diet, which is helpful to reduce the workload of kidneys and decrease protein spill. But some patients do not attach importance, which affects the effect of medications as well.

-Over fatigue and low immunity. Not a few kidney patients have a sudden increase of proteinuria after over fatigue, which mainly affect renal inflammation and decrease immunity.

-Improper use of medication. The commonly used drugs for proteinuria is steroid + immunosuppressants, and Chinese medicine. Because steroids are a long-term treatment, many patients reduce or stop the medicines due to the side effects.

If you do not want your proteinuria speeds up kidney failure, you should master these three skills, which are better to reduce proteinuria.

1. To prevent infections, which is helpful for eliminating inflammation.

Kidney inflammation indicates that there is infection in the body, and infection can aggravate kidney disease and cause relapse of proteinuria. Therefore, it is important to prevent infections, for example, to vaccinate flu vaccine to prevent respiratory system infection, to take some medicines to improve immunity, such as jinshuibao, to do some exercises and so on.

2. To adhere to good living habits and reduce the burden of kidney function

To protect kidneys from being damaged further, you should pay attention to what you eat and drink. Low salt and low protein diet can help stabilize proteinuria. Besides, have a regular work and rest. Do not stay up.

3. To review the urine related indicators regularly

To adhere to the review of urine routine and other urine-related items, such as urine protein, 24-hour urine protein quantification, urine protein creatinine ratio, microalbuminuria, etc. These tests can help you have a clear mind of your medical condition and take measures timely so as to prevent further damage.

How is your medical condition now? Is your proteinuria negative? For more information on proteinuria treatment, please leave a message below.

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