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Four Good Habits Help You Prevent the Relapse of Proteinuria and Creatinine

Four Good Habits Help You Prevent the Relapse of Proteinuria and Creatinine
For some renal patients, with proper treatment, their disease gets permanent control, while for some other renal patients, their disease gets relapse frequently. The following four good habits can help you prevent the relapse.

1. Periodic review

After chronic kidney disease is under control, you should insist to examine regularly, and time interval is best not more than 3 months. Periodic review can help you have a clear mind of your medical condition. If there is anything wrong, you can adjust treatment plan and prevent the relapse.

2. Do not arbitrarily increase or decrease drugs

Some kidney diseases, even when stable, still requires patients to continue taking medication.

For example, hypoglycemic agents for Diabetic Nephropathy, Antihypertensive drug for hypertensive kidney damage, the use of hormones in lupus nephritis patients. They need to be taken for lifetime.

This is just an example. Kidney patients need to consider their condition to determine if and how to take the medication over time.

Of course, follow the doctor's advice and do not take the medicine at will so as to avoid the recurrence of kidney disease or deterioration.

3. Good habits

Studies have shown that frequent staying up late may increase the occurrence of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease, as well as significantly increasing urinary protein and accelerating renal function deterioration.

Long-term high-salt, high-sugar, high-protein, high-fat diet will also lead to hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, obesity and other diseases.

4. To keep good emotion

Do not keep two extremes. One is to have had kidney disease, fear of recurrence, living in fear and insecurity; Second is to return to unhealthy life condition when all the indicators become normal

Both can worsen the condition and even cause serious consequences.

How to keep all the indicators such as creatinine, proteinuria, blood pressure and blood sugar level stable? You can leave a message below or contact online doctor. We are glad to help you.

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