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If You Eat Hormones in This Way, Proteinuria Can Be More Easily Eliminated

If You Eat Hormones in This Way, Proteinuria Can Be More Easily Eliminated
For people with kidney disease, hormones have become the most familiar drug, which can not only eliminate proteinuria, but also cause all sorts of side effects.

Therefore, how to eat hormones has become a focus of research in early stage of kidney disease.

The principles of hormone application

Unlike other diseases such as skin disease, kidney disease usually starts with sufficient hormones.

The so-called sufficient hormone refers to 1 mg/kg per day, and 1.5-2 mg/kg for children.

The reason why we need to start with sufficient hormones is that the body does not produce enough hormones to effectively inhibit the inflammatory response, and the sustained inflammatory response will cause renal damage, so the problem of inflammatory response needs to be solved quickly.

Sufficient hormones are usually taken for 6-8 weeks to maintain a stable hormone level in the body.

Therefore, even if the urine protein turns negative at less than 6 weeks, you should use it for 6 weeks before reducing the amount.

Even if the urinary protein does not get improved by 8 weeks, it should start to decrease, up to 12 weeks.

The secret of hormone reduction

The plans of hormone reduction is various, and almost every hospital has different plans. Do you know why?

Because oral hormones are only used to make up for the lack of hormones produced by the body, the effect is to keep hormone levels stable.

Oral hormone reduction must not lead to a sudden drop in hormone levels in the body, which can cause "rebound phenomenon", leading to a sudden relapse and aggravation of the disease.

As for the various drug regimens, it's just a matter of trying to maintain hormone levels in the body.

Therefore, if you change an attending physician, please be sure to inform the previous hormone reduction program, as well as the control effect of urine protein.

The disease is easy to relapse when the hormone is reduced to 3 pieces. How to do?

Many kidney patients reported that when the hormone decreased to 3 tablets, urinary protein is easy to relapse.

This is because, when the hormone is reduced to 3 tablets, the hormone level in the body will fall to a critical point. At this point, if the ability of the body’s own secretion of hormones is not restored, but the oral hormone continues to decrease, it will lead to the hormone level in the body unable to continue to inhibit the inflammatory response, and thus lead to the recurrence of urinary protein.

There are two ways to deal with it:

One is to add an immunosuppressive agent, such as cyclophosphamide, cyclosporine, and tripterygium wilfordii, etc. After the hormones are reduced, the immunosuppressive agent can be gradually reduced, usually inhibiting the inflammatory reaction very well.

The second is to maintain the amount of three hormones for a long time, because the three pieces of hormones harm the human body very little, even for pregnancy, so can maintain until the proteinuria turns to negative.

For more information on proteinuria treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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