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Kidney Function Remained Stable in Patients with Nephritis for 20 Years

Kidney Function Remained Stable in Patients with Nephritis for 20 Years
Mr. Li, 48 years old, has a 20-year history of nephritis, and his kidney function has been stable and progressing slowly since he was diagnosed as a young man. The kidney patients around him asked him for advice on how to avoid kidney failure for 20 years, and he said it came down to about 3 points, which I think are very important.

1. To have a comprehensive treatment

The progression of kidney disease is affected by many factors rather than a single one. For example, many renal patients think that when proteinuria turns negative, they can avoid kidney failure. This is not right. Proteinuria is just a factor that speed up kidney failure, and other factors include high blood pressure, infections, anemia, high blood potassium, etc.

Inhibiting the leakage of protein helps to eliminate the renal immune inflammatory response and protect the renal filtration function. Prevention of infection can avoid the accumulation of toxins such as immune complexes, and meanwhile protect the damage of renal cells. Prevention and treatment of hypertension, anemia and hyperkalemia can slow down renal blood vessel pressure and avoid the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. A comprehensive treatment can help you stabilize renal function.

2. To maintain renal function for long-term, you should do observations and checkups regularly.

Kidney disease treatment include two aspects: treatment and examination. If you only pay attention to treatment rather than the two aspects, you can not have a good effect. Examination also includes two aspects, namely observation and checkups. You should learn how to observe your physical condition at home, for example, swelling, urine changes, appetite, face color, etc. And checkups should be done regularly, which includes proteinuria, serum creatinine, uric acid, urea, blood pressure, GFR, Ccr, electrolytes, etc. Observation and checkups can help you have a clear mind of your medical condition, which is helpful for you to stabilize your illness condition.

3. To have positive emotion

When diagnosed with kidney disease, you may be very anxious about the prognosis. After all no one wants to have kidney failure at last. The higher your mental stress, the worse your kidney disease. Therefore, you should accept the fact and be live with kidney disease. Besides medical treatment, daily nursing care is also important, which includes medication and diet management. Medicine should be taken under the instructions of doctors, and diet should follow the “5-low” principle.

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