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Chronic Nephritis

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How to Prevent Chronic Nephritis

How to Prevent Chronic Nephritis
The most fundamental way to prevent chronic nephritis is to improve the ability of the body to prevent and resist diseases and reduce the chance of infection. Then how to do it?

1. Avoid overwork and mental pressure: because they can aggravate chronic nephritis. Have good habits and keep regular life. At ordinary times, we should make reasonable arrangements for our daily life, take part in more moderate activities and strengthen physical exercise. Do not be overwork. Have reasonable nutrition to strengthen the constitution and body resistance. Pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental hygiene, form good hygiene habits, keep happy and relaxed mood at all times, and strengthen self-care awareness.

2. Beware of bacterial or viral infections: Bacteria or virus infection is the most common cause of acute nephritis, especially upper respiratory tract infection, asymptomatic bacteriuria, flu, sore throat, trachea bronchitis, etc. They are likely to aggravate symptoms of chronic nephritis. To prevent infection focus and acute nephritis aggressively. To reduce the chance of infection, prevent catching a cold, avoid suppurative tonsillitis, skin suppurative infection and other diseases; Once you get infected or acute nephritis or other primary glomerular disease, you should take thorough treatment timely to cure it. For acute nephritis patients with chronic infection, once conditions get stable for 3-6 months, if necessary, surgeries can be down to remove the focus so as to prevent the diseases from progressing to chronic nephritis.

3. Pay attention to nutrition: Nephritis patients should avoid high-protein diet, pay attention to food safety, eat more fresh fruits and natural food, with variety, reasonable collocation, light and delicious as the principle. Pay attention to self monitoring. If you have frequent urination at night, loss of appetite, back pain or other discomforts, especially eye or facial swelling in the morning, it indicates that you may have kidney disease. And you should go for checkups timely so as to make a clear diagnosis timely, which is also helpful for preventing further kidney damage.

4. Appropriate drug prophylaxis: according to the doctor's instructions, you can take some prophylaxis without side effects or minor side effects.

How to prevent chronic nephritis? Hope the above methods can help you. For more information on nephritis, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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